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Welcome to Capreolus, where passion for quality meats meets artisanal dedication. Our journey began in 2009 when David Richards, driven by his love for meats, embarked on a flavorful adventure. From a humble start on a friend's farm in the New Forest, David's very first creation, the Smoked Venison, inspired our name, Capreolus, and symbolises our unwavering commitment to artisanal excellence.


With the support of his wife Karen, David honed his craft and soon found his products gracing the shelves of stores. As Capreolus gained popularity and demand surged, we outgrew our production space in the New Forest, prompting a move to Rampisham in Dorset in 2010, where our passion for crafting quality meats continues to thrive.


Over the years, Capreolus has expanded its range and earned significant national recognition as a leading British charcuterie. Our dedication to quality has been celebrated with multiple Great Taste Awards Golden Forks, a testament to the exceptional taste and quality of our products. The esteemed title of Great Taste Awards Champion Charcuterie further solidifies our reputation for excellence, giving our customers the confidence that they are choosing the best.


In 2024, faced with challenges stemming from the 2020 Covid pandemic, Capreolus found solidarity in joining forces with Hunt's Food Group. This partnership is not just a business move, but a union of shared values. Both Capreolus and Hunt's Food Group are local family-run and owned businesses with a passion for quality products and exceptional service. This partnership marks a new chapter in our journey, a chapter that is built on our shared commitment to delivering the finest quality meats and culinary experiences to our customers, each embodying the essence of Capreolus.


Hunt's Food Group has been delivering great-tasting food to businesses across the South of England for over 110 years, with a massive selection of over 9,000 products.

At Hunt's Food Group, we believe in delivering quality products. We have achieved the highest levels of accreditation to ensure that our products are of the highest standard and responsibly sourced.

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